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PaMu Earphones with Incredible 10 Hours Battery Life 0

Are PaMu Slide a Real Airpods Killer

After the astonishing success of the Pamu Scrolls earphones, the now well-known earphones from Padmate, the subject of a massive advertising campaign, the company tries to repeat the great success of its predecessors with...

The Coolest TWS Headphones 2019 0

The Coolest TWS Headphones 2019

I want to talk today, about some items that came in and looked really really cool in one reason or another. Let’s jump in the coolest TWS headphones for June 2019. These are the...


The Best Scary Halloween Costumes

Do you prefer haunted houses to bobbing for apples? How about fake blood over candy corn? If you know what Halloween is really about (scaring people!), then we’ve got some super-spooky costume ideas for...