Prepare your nails for the holidays: the best design ideas

Summer is just around the corner and with it, preparation for our long-awaited vacation. When it comes to the holidays, every detail counts, and our nail design is no exception! In this article, Maryton Nail Supply will show you some ideas for original styles for holiday nails that will suit all occasions.

Take inspiration from the beach and sailors

If you plan to spend time on the beach or sail at sea, consider adopting a nail style that is harmonious with this marine environment. Here are some suggestions:

  • Marine anchor: A traditional symbol of sailors, the anchor is easy to draw on a nail and can be decorated with small dots or lines to evoke a rope. Choose colors like navy blue, white and red to keep with the theme.
  • Seashells: Making pretty seashells on your nails takes a little practice, but the result is worth it. Play with textures and iridescent colors to recall the pearly appearance of these little marine treasures.
  • Waves: What would the beach be without ocean waves? Draw blue and white curves on your nails to represent water movements and add a dynamic touch to your manicure.

Opt for abstract and geometric designs

The holidays are the perfect time to dare more daring nail styles than usual. Geometric patterns, whether simple or complex, have the advantage of giving relief to your manicure in the blink of an eye. Here are some abstract design ideas to inspire you:

  • Lines: Drawing straight, diagonal or crisscross lines on your nails is a simple and aesthetic way to create an original design. Vary the thicknesses and colors for more contrast.
  • Circles: Different sizes and layered, circles can form elegant and hypnotic designs on your nails. For an even more striking effect, use varnishes with varied finishes (matte, shiny, glitter, etc.).
  • Triangles: Triangular shapes add a sophisticated touch to any manicure. Arrange them at several angles for a graphic and harmonious result.

Dare to use colors and lighting effects

Holidays are synonymous with relaxation and joie de vivre, so why not take advantage of them to decorate your nails with bright colors and luminous effects? Here are some suggestions:

  • Rainbow: Apply several shades in succession to one nail to form a seamless gradient, or paint each nail a different color for a complete rainbow look.
  • Metallic: Metallic polishes add a glamorous and luminous touch to any nail style. Gold, silver, bronze… there are several shades to satisfy all desires.
  • Neon: Neon colors are ideal for enhancing a tan and drawing all eyes to your hands! Use them as discreet accents or as a total look for a striking effect.

The holidays are the perfect time to express your creativity and indulge in beauty. Don’t hesitate to try out these different design ideas for your holiday nails and let your imagination run wild! In addition, I recommend investing in some manicure sets to care for your nails.

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