6 Chic and Trendy Halloween Costumes for Women 2016

Halloween is the perfect excuse for fashionistas to go crazy with their looks. Trends and styles that you don’t get to pull off every day can be worn effortlessly during this time and going over the top, for once, isn’t an issue nor a fashion no-no. This year, we’re expecting to see Halloween costumes that are more stylish than spooky, and if you’re looking for idea on what to wear during this fun time of the year, you’re in luck because we have lots of them here. Check out these chic and trendy awesome Halloween costumes for fashionistas.

1. Harley Quinn – she’s not entirely terrifying, but Harley Quinn makes a great Halloween costume. Everyone’s seen Suicide Squad, and we all loved Harley’s sexy look so why not, right? Beware, though, for there will surely be tons of Harleys this year. If you want to stand out, try other Harley Quinn variations like the ones below.

2. Unicorn – with a sparkly dress, a DIY unicorn head gear and some rainbow makeup, you can be the world’s most magical creature this Halloween! Of course, if you’re all about the chill life, you can always swap out your sparkly dress with an awesome unicorn onesie (they’re everywhere, especially online).

3. Chanel – no, we’re not suggesting you get dressed in designer stuff from head to toe (although that would be quite scary — for our bank accounts!). We’re actually referring to one of the leads from TV’s hit show — Scream Queens! If you’ve always looked for an excuse to get garbed up in pink from head to toe and dress ultra ritzy and glitzy, this costume is for you.

4. Superhero – if you’re not into villains, of course you can opt to dress up as a superhero instead. With all the superhero movies that came out this year, there will surely be lots to choose from, and it wouldn’t be so hard to find one.

5. Dia de Los Muertos (Catrina) – if you’re the type who doesn’t feel like Halloween is complete without the scare factor, this super cute womens halloween costume is something you’ll surely enjoy. Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is celebrated widely in Mexico, and La Catrina is where the sugar skull inspiration originally came from. Check out the various interpretations below and find your inspo.

6. Mermaid – again, nothing too creepy or scary but still very chic and trendy for this year’s Halloween festivities. If you believe you were meant to be a mermaid or were a mermaid in your past life, this is the chance for you to live it up!

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