Advantages and disadvantages of electric nail drills versus nail files

Choosing between an electric nail drill and a nail file depends on several factors. Today, the wholesale nail supply distributors will compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type to help you make the right choice.

Electric nail drills

Nail drills are popular among professionals thanks to their efficiency and speed. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages:

Benefits :

  • Great power allowing fast and precise work.
  • Many interchangeable bits for different tasks.
  • Reduced working time compared to manual methods.


  • Requires some skill and experience to avoid accidents.
  • Generally higher price than manual versions.
  • Requires regular maintenance for optimal performance.
Metal Shell 35000 RPM Brushless Motor Portable Nails Electric E-file
Metal Shell 35000 RPM Brushless Motor Portable Nails Electric E-file

Nail files

Nail files also have their place in the world of manicure, especially for amateurs and occasional users. Let’s look at their pros and cons:

Benefits :

  • Ease of use accessible to beginners.
  • Affordable cost compared to electric alternatives.
  • Full control through manual movement, reducing the risk of accidental damage.


  • May require more time and effort to achieve results similar to those obtained with an electric nail drill.
  • May limit customization and finishing possibilities.

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