How to stop having ridged nails?

As we understand, striped nails are usually caused by a lack of care for your nails or body. It is therefore up to you to change a few small habits to address the problem. In the following guide, Maryton has selected some professional tips for dealing with the problems of ridged nails.

Treating your ridged nails

To heal, but also to prevent streaked nails, take care of your nails all year round! The key to having pretty, strong nails that don’t break is to take good care of them on a daily basis. Start by always moisturizing your nails well. Your cuticles will also need this type of attention.

Nail care can also include cures. You will be able to take food supplements to help your hair grow and strengthen your nails. Some will prefer more natural solutions. Apple cider vinegar taken regularly has, for example, been proven to help improve the beauty of nails and hair.

Metal Shell 35000 RPM Brushless Motor Portable Nails Electric E-file
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Use quality products

The beauty of your nails requires, of course, the use of quality manicure products. When you carry out treatments or varnish your nails, be very demanding regarding the composition of the products used. Some chemicals are aggressive to nails and harm their strength.

Choosing your products wisely also means selecting suitable products. If, for example, you apply your semi-permanent varnish using a nail drill, be sure to choose the appropriate sanding bands and operating speed. A nail filed too much on the top will present a certain fragility and streaks.

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