Beauty of the feet to sublimate

In this beauty blog, Maryton Nail Supply will explore the inspiration of feet beauty to help you find professional advice on foot beauty to enhance your nails. Just keep reading!

An essential preparatory step for your feet, these first treatments prepare the nails for the application of varnish or the application of gel.

Equipment needed: necessary manicure and pedicure sets.

Products used: exfoliating scrub, moisturizing cream.

Foot preparation

Start with an emollient foot bath to relax small skin and calluses for at least 5 minutes.

Then, begin to gently push and remove the cuticles.

Remove dead skin from the feet by carefully scraping off the calluses.

Once finished, apply a moisturizer to repair and deeply nourish your epidermis.

Now move on to the nails, filing gently to correct small imperfections. Then carefully polish your nails to even out the contours and restore their shine.


For well-maintained feet, opt for foot beauty that you can combine with the application of a classic varnish or a semi-permanent varnish.

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