Ridged nails: how to take care of them?

For a woman using permeable varnishes and wishing to have perfect nails, ridged nails are a real problem. But rest assured there are solutions that we present to you!

Why do the streaks appear?

The first reason is well known: stress. This emotional state has consequences on the nails as well as on the hair or the skin. Streaks then form. Diet also has a role to play because vitamin B or zinc deficiencies can have an impact. And let’s not forget the shocks that the nail can suffer causing the famous streaks.

The right things to do

A ridged nail needs to be treated. We advise you to forget false nails, semi-permanent manicure, resin and metal file because they will tire the nail more. If you want to continue using a nail polish, you will have to choose your nail polish very carefully unless you choose to leave the streaks completely aside.

Hydration is not to be neglected with in particular the previous recipes based on olive oil and lemon. The polisher will erase the streaks and polish the surface of the nail, making it shiny. And for a good boost, a hardener treatment will not be refused!

Obviously you will finish your care by embellishing your nails with a professional manicure set! That’s good we offer you in quantity in our shop. Hoping that these words have inspired you and that they will make you want to try! Meanwhile, there are also a rich assortment of nail beauty products waiting for you!

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