How to put varnish on your feet without drooling?

With the approach of good weather, we are all in a hurry: release our toes and put nail polish on them. But putting nail polish on your feet is not always easy. Fortunately, Maryton have complete pedicure tools to help you put polish on your feet, without drooling.

Before embarking on the pedicure itself, it is necessary to be well equipped. You should:

  • A base coat,
  • A top coat,
  • A trendy varnish,
  • A toe spreader,
  • A correction pen.
Nail Beauty Disposable Soft Foam EVA Fingers & Toes Separator for Manicure and Pedicure

Once these precautions have been taken, you must: First, put on a base coat to smooth and harden the surface of the toenail. Wait for it to dry well then start applying the varnish. The  first layer is very thin. After a short break, apply the second layer. Finish the pedicure with a bit of top coat to set the polish. Finally, before removing the toe spreader, let the varnish dry for 30 minutes.

Obviously you will finish your care by embellishing your feet with a professional pedicure set! That’s good we offer you in quantity in our shop. Hoping that these words have inspired you and that they will make you want to try! Meanwhile, there are also a rich assortment of foot care products waiting for you!

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