Damaged nails: what routine to adopt?

Brittle, damaged or yellowed, it’s not easy to keep nails perfectly filed. To have beautiful hands, manicure supply is necessary. And food, hydration, detox, we tell you everything!

A balanced diet to have beautiful nails

Food has immediate repercussions on the nails. Lack of calcium can weaken them and make them brittle. It is therefore essential to start by varying your diet. Another advice for those who have very brittle nails, consume brewer’s yeast! Rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, this mushroom strengthens the nails.

A “detox” to find beautiful nails

By dint of putting varnish, the nails tend to be damaged. It is therefore important to offer moments of respite to your cuticles from time to time. Also know that if you have small white spots, these have nothing to do with a lack of calcium. These are simply small impacts caused by keratinization disorders.

Year-round hydration

Bitten, filed… Our nails are abused. However, they need to be pampered to keep their shine. In order to find healthy nails, the hydration step is essential. Apply a nourishing cream every morning, massaging lightly. You can use vegetable oil once or twice a week.

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The right tools to sublimate your nails

Gestures and tools are also important for having beautiful hands. If you have to avoid biting your nails too often, it is also recommended to have the right tools (click here) to protect this fragile area. When you want to do a manicure, never forget the importance of a base and top coat.

OK! Now that you have known what routine to adopt for damaged nails, take into action! 

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