How to use an electric nail drill?

Do you want to achieve efficient and convenient manicure? Then, you mustn’t miss the electric nail drill. Today, this article will give you answers.

Step 1: Set the rotation speed

Before turning on your electric naill drill, the first thing to do is to set the speed of rotation. It is essential to start with a rotation speed that is not too high to avoid damaging the nails.

Step 2: Remove cuticles and dead skin

If your nail drill has a cuticle attachment, use it to push back the cuticles on your nails. You can then use a sanding tip to loosen the dead skin.

Rechargeable Maryton Pro Nail Drills 1,000 ~ 30,000 RPM
Rechargeable Maryton Pro Nail Drills 1,000 ~ 30,000 RPM

Step 3: Work the nail

Once the speed is set, you can start your nail drill machine and put it on your nail, without additional pressure. Move it from left to right and up and down to work the entire surface of the nail well.

Step 4: Finalize the job

Once the previous steps have been completed, you can directly polish your nail using the appropriate bit or file your nail to sculpt its shape. Then apply a treatment to your nails to keep them healthy.

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