Why Airpods, PaMu Slide Will Be The Alternatives

Since last year, the concept of integrated mobile phone design has begun to make the existence of 3.5mm traditional earphone hole in jeopardy. The products represented by Apple’s airpods have pushed the Bluetooth headset market to heat up. A large number of brands began to launch Bluetooth true wireless headphones (TWS headphones). Among them, there are many products worthy of recognition. PaMu Slide true wireless Bluetooth headset is one of the more representative products.

As a audio brand developed from a foundry, Padmate has a strong product control capability. It has achieved good results in a variety of wireless headset HD crowdfunding, and it has more reputation and popularity. On this basis, PaMu Slide became the highest fundraiser in Indiegogo crowdfunding, with the highest number of supporters and Indiegogo’s 2019 annual crowdfunding project. This also gives PaMu Slide a more aura. Next, let’s take a look at this product.

Why Airpods, PaMu Slide Will Be The Alternatives

The box is a gift box that looks more refined and literary. The simple, intuitive and concise text, the chic shape and the reasonable packaging space design all reflect the grasp and understanding of the fashion digital by Padmate.

PaMu Slide’s accessories are quite complete. In addition to the earphones and storage box, there are six sets of different sizes and patented drop-shaped silicone earplugs to meet the needs of different users. A leather storage bag, a multi-language manual, charging The device uses a type-C interface.

PaMu Earphones with Incredible 10 Hours Battery Life

PaMu Slide has three colors: black, green, and white. The worms get the ochre black that can be controlled by men, women and children. The wireless charging box looks bigger than the others, and the top mesh mesh is somewhat similar to the speaker’s speaker panel, reflecting the characteristics of the audio product, and the logo is more chic.

Why Airpods, PaMu Slide Will Be The Alternatives

It is worth mentioning that the charging box has a sliding cover design that can be opened with a single push. Slide design has always been an elegant presence in the digital industry. There are many classic products that use slider design, and they are the first to see in the charging case of wireless headphones.

PaMu Slide’s wireless charging box slide design emphasizes the concept of pressure. The intention is to enable everyone to realize the purpose of recreation and decompression when operating the slide rail. In the actual experience, the slide rails are found to be smooth and smooth, with the help of opening and closing. Pushing and pulling is very easy, it is very interesting to play in your hand.

The PaMu Slide’s battery indicator is hidden under the curtain and is visually displayed by four led white lights. The built-in battery capacity of the charging box is 2000mAh, on the back of the charging box, with the relevant parameter information of the product, manufacturer, origin and so on.

At the same time, there is a wireless transmitter at the bottom, which can reverse wirelessly charge mobile phones and digital products that support wireless charging. This design is very novel, and further expands the function of the charging box, very creative design. Although the built-in battery capacity of the charging box is not large, as a temporary use of the emergency power supply, the critical moment can also be urgent. On the side of the charging box is the charging port of the TYPE-C interface and the wireless charging switch button. When charging wirelessly, you need to press the switch to initiate wireless reverse charging.

The charging box has a power of 2000mAh, which can be used to supplement the PaMu Slide five times. The headset can be used continuously for 10 hours. With the power supply of the charging box, PaMu Slide can last up to 60 hours. In the current true wireless headset products, this is a very good performance. Actual experience for more than a week, PaMu Slide performance is no pressure, battery box power consumption is very small, if the average user is only used for commuting, basically can achieve 30 days of battery life, can be said to be very powerful.

PaMu Earphones with Incredible 10 Hours Battery Life

PaMu Slide’s exterior design is also quite special, combining the advantages of in-ear headphones and flat headphones, the cavity is in-ear, and the ear handle is very similar to the flat plugs such as AirPods and flypods. The earphone has a single weight of only 7.1g and a volume of roughly 37.5mm*26mm**19.5mm. It looks more delicate and rich in texture.

The PaMu Slide earphone adopts the dual-smart intelligent noise reduction design, and two microphones are embedded in the left and right ear handles respectively to reduce noise and ensure that the user can still have an excellent calling experience in the outdoor environment. The main microphone is to pick up the call sound wave, and the auxiliary microphone plays the role of physical noise reduction. This design ensures that the call can still be clear when used in downtown.

The earphones are ergonomically designed, lightweight, comfortable to the ear, fit the ear canal, and protected by high-elastic medical silicone earplugs for a more comfortable fit for long-term use without discomfort.

The PaMu Slide cavity is made of ultrasonic welding. The integrated molding technology provides better dust and water resistance. At the same time, the cavity sound leakage hole and the microphone pickup hole are also waterproofed to achieve IPX6 waterproof. For friends who like sports, it is a very desirable design.

From the actual wearing point of view, the in-ear structure makes the PaMu Slide wear more secure, and the PaMu Slide cavity can also fit the auricle fully and assist the fixing. The lower part of the earplugs also has a non-slip design. When you actually wear it, you can hardly feel the pressure and feel comfortable.

The body of the earphones have a matte design. There is a status indicator in the middle, with a logo of pamu. The overall look is relatively introverted and low-key. There is no cool and unassuming, focusing on the expression of sound quality.

PaMu Slide uses Qualcomm’s QCC3020 flagship chip solution, which not only supports high-quality sound quality, but also delivers low-power performance. The headset supports single and dual ear use independently, and any one of the headphones can listen to songs and calls. Not only can you use one earphone to stand by, you can listen to music with your ears, and you can listen to songs with friends.

PaMu Slide uses the popular touch button design, which not only makes the product more simple and integrated, but also makes it easier to control. PaMu Slide’s touch control distinguishes between the left and right ears. In the control part, a very new touch operation is also added, such as: pause/play, first and next switching, and outgoing voice assistant.

Are PaMu Slide a Real Airpods Killer

In addition, PaMu Slide also added innovative volume adjustment function: long press the left ear for the volume continuous – the right ear for the volume continuous +, covering more functions, use it in one go. Of course, for those who use this headset for the first time, you need a process of learning and adapting.

PaMu Slide is the latest Bluetooth wireless in ear earphones from Padmate. It is equipped with a 6mm diameter composite diaphragm unit with QCC3020 Bluetooth 5.0 standard transmission, support for APTX decoding (up to 48kHz sampling frequency lossless sound quality), and Hi-End stereo. Effectiveness, IMAX theater-level stereo sound quality and other professional features blessing, coupled with the careful adjustment of the brand tuner, in the sound quality sound naturally can not be underestimated.

In the actual experience, targeted selection of folk music, symphony, pop music, rock and other different types of styles of music, to experience and feel the ordinary user’s daily use of the scene. PaMu Slide’s sound is rich and round, more delicate and pleasing, the bass is more stable and powerful, the mid-range vocals are fuller, the singer’s voice is more recognizable, the high-frequency performance is still clear, the tri-band is more balanced, and the convergence is also Naturally smooth.

The sound analysis is more accurate, the restoration of the instrument sound is in place, the sound field effect is good, the sound level is clear, and the sound details can be in place. In actual audition, different styles of music can have a relatively good performance.

As a wireless Bluetooth headset for daily use with mobile phones, balance and comprehensiveness are more important. Especially for the 100-yuan Bluetooth headset products, the solution is similar. The difference lies in the production workmanship details between brands. The product is optimized for later adjustment. From the actual experience, PaMu Slide shows a high level of professionalism, and also reflects the brand’s deep knowledge in digital audio products.

In general, PaMuSlide is a consumer-grade Bluetooth headset product. The product design and functions conform to the specifications and standards of the headset, and the products work more exquisitely. Not only can it better meet the daily needs of users to make calls, listen to music, chase dramas, play games, etc., but also the innovative design of double wheat noise reduction, wireless reverse charging, slide charging bin, etc., also reflects the brand seeking new changes Take the dedication and care of the differentiated road. As a hundred-yuan product, it has the strength and point of view of the product of the thousand yuan class. It can be said that it is a digital audio product worth considering.

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