The Coolest TWS Headphones 2019

I want to talk today, about some items that came in and looked really really cool in one reason or another. Let’s jump in the coolest TWS headphones for June 2019. These are the Pamu Slide and these are wireless Bluetooth earphones. Usually what intrigued me about these is they have an airpod filled, but the cases a lot larger, these have
interchangeable ear tips and that’s a big thing for me, because airpods don’t fit my ears.

PaMu Slide: Legend on Indiegogo Return Back

The earphones’ protective case which is also the charger of it, it has USB type-c charging port on the back side. It’s got LED lights on the top, slide to let you know how much power is left. These earphones are really good, they have a really good seal with that ear tips. I actually wear these at the gym the other day and they stayed in. The earphones are really good, but a problem that I had, because they kept sliding out, I would take my fingertips and push them in, but these are touch sensitive on the outside. So every time, I did that it would pause my music or cue Siri. So then I had to start taking my thumb and put it at the bottom of the post and then at the top and push it in. But I haven’t had them fall out at all, they just don’t stay in snug which deteriorates the sound quality.

But like some of these dual headphones, like this wireless earphones have a lot of issues with connectivity, there is definite delay when watching YouTube videos. Yeah there’s definitely some issues when watching YouTube videos, there’s the audio is off bias few split seconds, but the pamu slide didn’t. They pairing is super easy, but connecting with the different devices can be a little bit of a struggle, you have to sort of disconnect it from one device to connect it to another, and maybe I’m spoiled with some of the other products that I have. But this one, maybe, they can fix that in like an update or something. But right now, it’s a little frustrating for me. But I still would choose these over airpods all day long, because airpods like I said, don’t fit in my head.

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