PaMu Scroll TWS Headphones That Challenge the AirPods: Are They Really Good?

Browsing on Facebook you will surely have seen a sponsored video with the words “Throw the AirPods because there is a better”. Before starting to laugh and comment on the article in a bad way, I wanted to try these new headphones that named Pamu Scroll and in this review we go to see how they work, if they are valid and if we actually have to throw the AirPods.

The Pamu Scrolls have been made thanks to a fundraiser on Indiegogo, a platform on which they will remain for sale for 7 days at the extraordinary price of $ 39. They will then go on sale through official channels for the price of $ 149.

The offer is really interesting and I will tell you right away that at 39 $ actually there is no better on the market, but the same I could not say if I had to consider the 149 $. The Super Early Bird is the one that allows you to buy headphones. The disadvantage of Indiegogo lies is the shipment, but the price advantage is not a trivial thing!

The Pamu Scrolls needed only $ 20,000 to start being produced and instead in 22 days they reached the exorbitant sum of $ 2 million and 194,000!

Will they really be that good?

Let’s start from the beginning, or from the opening of the box. A lot of plastic here, which does not make us go crazy, then we find the headphones, positioned outside with respect to the case.

PaMu Scroll TWS Headphones That Challenge the AirPods: Are They Really Good?

Just like the AirPods, the PaMu Scrolls are true cordless headphones with a small base in which we can store them and recharge them simultaneously. This case is covered with a fake leather layer and a beautiful fantasy that creates very nice light effects. Also in this case the closure is magnetic and has an excellent original design.

As soon as I opened the box, the PaMu Scrolls lit up immediately. On the headphones we don’t find a physical key to turn them on and off, which I liked.

The connection with the iPhone was very fast. The first time you have to go into Settings> Bluetooth> search for the PaMu scroll and select them. There is therefore one more step than the AirPods, where it is enough to open the case and we are ready to use them.

Subsequently, however, even for the PaMu Scroll it will be enough to extract them from the base to start listening to the music. The pairing will be automatic with the last device used and will be really fast. As soon as we lift a headset, we will see an orange LED and we can already insert it into the ear to listen. From this point of view the product is exceptional and works like the AirPods. However, Apple headphones take the Apple ID associated with the phone into account and therefore can work instantly on all the company other devices without requiring a new Pairing. All this the PaMu Scrolls will never be able to do it.

Another difference with the AirPods we find in the musical reproduction that continues even if we remove the headphones from the ear and can even continue if it is placed in the case! This aspect is a bit disappointing, however it must be said that it is difficult to remove the PaMu Scroll from the ear without touching (even by mistake) the back of the cap with a finger and just this gesture will be enough to pause the reproduction. Therefore, in most cases, you will not have to worry about falling out.

Like the AirPods, we will be able to use the right or left headset indistinctly during a voice call. Both are equipped with a microphone but all this only works if a pairing is made using the right earphones first. In fact, the right earpiece is the main one, the one that connects to the phone and then sends the pulse per second to stay synchronized. It follows that if you pull out the left earpiece first and want to use only the one immediately and directly with your smartphone, you won’t be able to get anything out of it. If instead you use the right one first and make the pairing with the phone, you can safely store the headset and continue to use only the left one. All this does not happen with the AirPods which both have full autonomy and independence.

The PaMu Scroll audio is good. The maximum volume is high and the audio is suitable for playing all kinds of music. They are not exalted low or any type of music in particular, they are suitable for all genres with a fully satisfactory quality.

The headphones are IPX6 waterproof, a superior feature compared to the AirPods, but offer a runtime of 3 and a half hours in playback (compared to the 5 hours of the Apple ones). With the base, however, we will be able to recharge the headphones for another 2 times, obtaining about 10 and a half hours of using. Also in this case we can reload one while using the other (provided that the Pairing with the main one on the right has been performed first). The case is recharged with microUSB supplied, or by purchasing a special wireless charging receiver for $ 19 you can recharge them even with any wireless base.

On the back, as anticipated, we find a touch-sensitive surface. One click to play / pause the music playback or to answer an incoming call. A double click to go to the next song (with the left earphone) or to call up Siri (with the right earphone) or to reject a call.

Ultimately, the PaMu Scrolls are very good headphones, the best budget wireless earphones we’ve tried so far (among other things they use Bluetooth 5.0 instead of 4.1). At 79 $ they are a real bargain and if you don’t have an AirPod you shouldn’t miss it. It is clear that from here to say “throw the AirPods” is really hard … it is literally impossible. No other headset will be able to match the integration of AirPods with the iOS system or the automations made possible by specific chips designed and built by Apple to work with iOS devices. Despite the time elapsed, today the AirPods are still the best wireless headphones for an Apple user, while as far as the PaMu Scrolls we can say that they exceed in quality all the Chinese headphones that “clone” the original ones but remain – rightly – different steps below .

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