Difference between semi-permanent enamel and gel nails

Today we will talk about Semi-Permanent Gel Polish starting from the difference between semi-permanent and gel polish.

Soak off is the technical term that defines semi-permanent nail polish and can literally be translated into removable. It is originally suitable as a product used for treatments halfway between a gel reconstruction and a thorough manicure. A manicure aimed at people who do not need to structurally modify the nail but only with the need to obtain a longer hold than normal nail polish. The semi-permanent nail polish is removable because the chemical structure allows this product to be dissolved with specific solvents. It is an application by occlusion to avoid mechanical removal which can sometimes be aggressive for the natural nail, especially if poorly performed by the operator.

When to choose a semi-permanent treatment?

The difference in choosing between a semi-permanent nail polish or a gel reconstruction lies in the quality of the nail to be treated. If it is a healthy, strong, beautiful nail and the need is to have colored nails without having to worry about changing the nail polish too often: then the semi-permanent nail polish is perfect.

Another difference between semi-permanent nail polish and gel is the client’s willingness to use a treatment that she can remove if necessary even on her own with the nails supply. The gel needs a longer and more technical treatment for removal and not everyone is willing to wait.

The semi-permanent is the type of product indicated for those looking for a longer duration than the color of the traditional classic nail polish, but do not want to switch to a more demanding treatment such as gel nails.

What are the ideal characteristics of a good semi-permanent nail polish?

· The application: it must be easy to apply and covering, with a soft and velvety texture. For darker colors, the application in two thin coats is always recommended to ensure optimal polymerization.

· Coverage: a good soak off is opaque and does not leave halos or lighter lines in the application.

· The brilliance of the colors: the pigments of excellent quality and processing with high-tech systems, guarantee brilliance, stability and durability of the color.

Among the ideal characteristics of a good semi-permanent nail polish there is also the hold. The duration of a semi-permanent product can vary on the basis of numerous more or less physiological factors such as: natural regrowth, the type of work of the client, prolonged contact with water, possible collisions. In general, the time between one treatment and another is about 20 days.

What is Semi-Permanent Nail Polish? It is therefore a soak off gel polish, which dresses like a traditional polish, but lasts much longer. Fantastic isn’t it? It has the peculiarity of polymerizing in a UV \ LED lamp in 30-60 seconds and lasts for weeks. The great feature of this product is first of all the speed and ease of application compared to the gel, with an easy, safe and quick removal system for your nails.

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