13 Ice Cold Nail Looks That Would Make Elsa Proud

There’s a definite cold front blowing in, and we’re not just talking about the weather. This season’s nail art is all about ice, ice baby. Think silvers, grays and shimmery blue and metallic manis that would pass inspection by your fave frosty Disney princess (we’re looking at you, Elsa). Trust us — with these cool colors and frigid details, you’ll glam up any fall outfit in a flash. So go ahead and give everyone the cold shoulder — err, hand — with these 13 ice-cold nail styles.

1. Blue Glam: This bold blue glitter really stands out. Keep your nails long and sharp for a bit of an extra spike of mani magnificence. Let’s just go ahead and christen you as the reigning ice queen.

2. Neutral Ice: You don’t have to go overboard on the jewels for your icy mani. Just a bit of frosting on one digit should do the trick.

3. Blue Ombre: How pretty is this frosty ombre mani? Take a cue from the deep sea and pattern your nails in shades of light blue and dark navy. Add in some glitter and you’ll really shine.

4. Icicle Nails: Looking for a new twist on a French mani? Try contrasting every other nail with a pearly white color in long streaks that resemble icicles. Add in a few jewels for a pretty touch.

5. White Out: Nude nails are nice, but why settle when you can ice out your tips with an all-white treatment? Go for a cream or ivory shade with some shimmer to really take it there.

6. Cracked Ice: Ice-cracked nails are everywhere right now thanks to trending iridescent foil that catches the light. This look is major #goals — it’s just so dang pretty.

7. Silver Shimmer: No need to wait for New Years to throw down some glitz and glam. Slather on the silver foil that brings out shades of blue, pink and green and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

8. Glacial Blue: Say sayonara to one-note manis. Cool blues and glassy ice white were practically made for each other. This look almost gets us excited for winter — almost.

9. Metallic Blue: Going with silver metallic on every nail can be gorg, but it can also look a bit extreme. Keep the look cool with some pretty blue details and tiny gemstones.

10. Wintry Mix: This might be the ultimate pretty wintry mani. The silver glitter that transitions to ombre white nails, featuring gemstones no less, is OTT beautiful.

11. Glitter Tips: Don’t feel like you need to go all out with the glitter. Try to mix it up and just put a dab of sparkle on the tips for a gorgeous twist on a subtle, opaque lavender.

12. Pretty in Pink: A seasonal mani gets a femme twist thanks to this powder-pink hue. Add some strategically placed refractive details to take things into cold-weather territory.

13. Crystal Queen: There’s more to a truly icy mani than just a base color and glitter. Add in some jewels at the base of your nail for a little bit of glam that’s far from expected.

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