Techniques to get rid of whiteheads on nails?

The appearance of whiteheads on the nails is generally not serious. In rare cases, it can be indicative of a medical problem. But for aesthetic reasons, we often want to get rid of it. In this article, we will talk about the methods and solutions to overcome whiteheads on the nails.

1. The reason for the whiteheads on nails

You should know that the pink part of our nail rests on a matrix that synthesizes keratin and superimposes it on several layers. This is how the nail grows back regularly. However, when two layers of keratin overlap badly, there is a lack of transparency of the nail, hence the appearance of a white point on the surface of the nail.

2. The treatments for whiteheads on nails

  • Treat your nails with care

The first precaution to take is to avoid biting your nails, or making forced use of the nails like opening a box. Any excessive pressure on the nail could cause whiteheads to appear, even several weeks later. A practical solution is to wear gloves when doing housework.

The second precaution is to file your nails with manicure set gently. Don’t hesitate to tell your manicurist, if she is the one who does it. She is trained to take care of nails.

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  • Take good care of your nails

Generally, whiteheads disappear when the nail grows back. So be sure to trim your nails regularly and moisturize them well. At the time of the manicure, consider applying a protective base and using an acetone-free nail polish remover. For the varnish, use a good brand that doesn’t attack the nail. You can opt for a color that conceals whiteheads.

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