Which shape to choose for your nails?

Finding the perfect nail shape is always a bit complicated. Because between the trends of the moment, the shape of your hand, your manicure and quite simply your mood: it is difficult to find the right balance. Here are a few things to know, just to help you make your choice.

  • The round nail is all good

For a natural look, on short nails, opt for the round shape. This tried-and-true shape is easy to maintain and everyone loves it.

  • The oval nail for a hairy manicure

A slight taper starting from the sides to lengthen the finger is always flattering. It’s like putting your nails on stiletto heels.

  • The square nail for slender fingers

A clean end and straight sides offer a striking effect on slender fingers. For a perfect square, position your nail file perpendicular to the nail.

  • The rounded square nail, we say yes!

The combination of the elegance of an oval nail and the longevity of a square shape. Like the round shape, this one is suitable for all types of fingers.

  • The pointed nail, at the forefront of fashion

This extremely tapered nail shape immediately elongates each finger. It’s a surefire way to elevate an edgy manicure.

So? What nail shape are you going to fall for? Take your manicure kits to have a wonderful manicure. For more nail beauty products, visit our official website, click here!

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