Wake up your outfits with neon nails

Bag, clutch, sandals or even swimsuit, are all under the sign of bright colors. Tie-dye effect, floral patterns, the colors are more flashy and vibrant than ever! They bring a real ray of sunshine in our wardrobes and on our nails!

Once again, neon and fluorescent colors invite themselves into our dressing room. In a nod to the flashy colors of the 80s, the neon UV gels is in keeping with the COLOR BLOCK spirit–a trend that is making a strong comeback, with colorful shades during the day and luminous shades at night.

Inspired in particular by the famous Rubik’s Cube, the Color Block trend is based on the association of bright solid colors; lemon yellow or grenadine red, tangy colors full of pep.

Electric blue sandals, lemon yellow leggings, neon orange top, the trend is to mix bright colors. A mixture of colors that is sometimes difficult to balance! So to avoid looking like a Rubik’s Cube, you can opt for a single piece of color that you will match with your manicure!

Ready for the color explosion? We invite you to have a neon manicure with the manicure kit. If you still want to look for other nail beauty products, recommend you just click here!

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