How to remove gel nails without damage?

False nails or gel nails have become a trend in the field of aesthetics and beauty. We often notice that many women prefer to use this gel technique to have the shape and style of nails when they want in just a few hours. In addition, the application of gel can last a long time. At some point, you want to remove gel nails, either to change them, because they break, or simply to remove them. But often it is difficult to remove gel nails especially if they are solid. Here are 3 ways to remove your gel nails.

How to use a nail file to remove gel nails?

You can use your nail file to make any shape you want your nails. The nail file will also serve as a means of removing gel nails! Start by disinfecting your hands. Next, outline the nail. Gently remove all of the edges. Same for the front, tilt your file a little where there is the edge and you file. This method takes time and patience, but it allows you to avoid damaging your natural nail because you go slowly until you remove the entire gel nail.

Is pure acetone a good way to remove gel nails?

Acetone is the main component of nail polish removers and it helps remove gel, so it’s a great way to remove gel nails.

You will need:

  • Pure acetone;
  • A bowl to mix the liquid you are going to use, and cotton;
  • A cuticle pusher, and a nail file.

Pour acetone into your bowl, and immerse your fingers in it for a few minutes. Using a cuticle pusher try to push the gel in a way to remove the gel nail, it will come off easily. If you will have some residue, use the nail file to remove it and clean your natural nail.

How to use a nail thinker to remove gel nails?

The nail thinker is the most convenient way to remove gel nails. The use of the thinker is very easy, turn it on, and start by reducing the length of the nail. Then, do a thinker stroke over the top, going from side to side. You continue to apply thinker strokes until you reach the natural nail and remove all gel residue.

Always remember to moisturize your nails well after applying gel with natural oils. Also use a top coat, or a vitamin varnish to protect them. What’s more, please make sure you have the necessary manicure products. For your nail products, I advise you to take a look at this site, you will find everything you need.

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