Manicure and pedicure: clean nails all year round!

Nothing is more seductive than perfectly manicured hands, clean and tanned feet, thin and delicate. Male or female, give yourself time to pamper your hands and feet. This intimate moment will generate relaxation and well-being and you will be proud of the result. Make yourself comfortable and after a hand and foot bath, then complete drying, surrender to the pleasure of taking care of yourself to be desirable right down to your fingernails.

Professional for Salon Disposable  Mani and Pedi Kit Set

The manicure kit: everything for your nails

There are many boxes and kits to practice a manicure or a pedicure yourself at home. More or less complete, for the home or for professionals, the manicure and pedicure set as well as its drills to file, its polishing felts and its diamond bur, will allow you to easily erase the slightest defect tarnishing the beauty of your hands and your feet.

Cut, file, exfoliate, polish quickly and safely with the different manicure supplies. If your nails require specific treatments, feel free to use a UV nail lamp which will harden them. Most of the time, the manicure machine is easy to use: it is perfectly suited for regular use and will allow you to polish anything that can be done. For example, there are more or less fine discs to eliminate calluses on heels, elbows, feet. Drill bits to file to shorten the nails but also to erase the curvature of the nail. There are also cleaning and polishing brushes, burs to remove the horns from the nails.

Hoping to have been helpful. I look forward to see you in the next article!

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