10 Burger Themed Clothes And Accessories You’ll Want To Rock ASAP

I’m not sure when this happened, but over the past couple of years we, as a society, have collectively decided that burgers are cute and aesthetically pleasing. Random, sure, but I think I can get behind that. Burgers–veggie or meat varieties–are so…jolly? Who isn’t happy eating a burger of their choice? What kind of monster doesn’t like a good burger? Burgers make us happy, so why not rock ‘em inside our tummies and outside our bodies in the form of shirts, socks, and jewelry.

Show off your burger love with these 10 cool burger themed clothes and accessories. If you aren’t craving fries on the side after reading this post, then I’ve failed as a writer.

Striped Burger Tee

Keep it simple with this striped burger tee! It’ll look way cute with a pair of high waist denim jeans and sneakers. Throw on a baseball cap and you’re golden!

ASOS All Over Burger Socks

Pair these cute socks with your favorite slip on shoes, sneakers, or platform sandals. Any shoe that’ll really show them off!

ASOS Chunky Sweater With Crochet Burger Motif

THIS. SWEATER. IS. BEYOND. CUTE. The burger is 3D! Sorry, I’m experiencing cuteness aggression or something. This super comfy sweater would look great with a pair of jeans or a skater skirt.

ASOS Novelty Burger And Fries Watch

Look, watches are just so much more convenient for telling time than using your phone, okay? So grow up but keep it cute with this burger and fries watch.

Cheeseburger Earrings

Pull your hair back and show of these ultra cute cheeseburger earrings. Definitely a cute companion for a basic tee and denim combo. If you ever think your outfit is super boring one day, just wear these and your look will instantly become ten times more fun.

Flying Burger People Eater Flat

These flats are wild. Definitely not for the faint of heart fashion wise. If you have daring style or you just like really funky shoes, grab these guys. Throw em on with jeans or rock with a mini skirt or mini dress.

Iron Fist Burgerclops Purse

Hey, if you don’t want to rock freaky burgers on your feet, then rock one on your shoulder instead with this purse. It’s roomy enough for all of your essentials!

Iron Fist Death’s Diner Varsity Jacket

More creepy burgers! This time, in the form of a really badass, pastel varsity jacket. Seriously, if you want to splurge a bit and you’re on the hunt for some seriously unique outerwear, look no further.

I’m A Burger Lover Shirt

Okay, to be honest, this shirt is all about Burger Records, a record company that produces some really fun, young artists. Their label includes Clem and Hannah from Cherry Glazerr , who we highlighted as two cool celeb teens you’ll want as your BFF. Check out their music and you’ll quickly want to add this shirt to your collection of tees.

Kitty Burger Dress

If you love cats and burgers…well, you’re in luck because this dress is a combination of the two!

Kitty Burger Leggings

If you love cats and burgers…well, you’re in luck because these leggings are a combination of the two!

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