10 Superhero and Villain Costumes Fit for an Epic Halloween Night

Is it even Halloween without a next-level super sexy or super funny superhero costume? Yeah, we don’t think so. How can you even think of playing tricks or getting all the treats without sporting a classic superhero costume? Don’t forget — this was an awesome year for heroes and heroines from all of our fave comic books and movies. From Batman to Superman and everything in between, now is the time to unleash your inner crime-fighting alter ego. We fully expect to see a slew of Jokers like never before, along with tons of exciting newcomers, like our fave Harley Quinn. So whether you are a caped crusader or a vile villain, here are the best halloween costumes for your Halloween night.

1. Batman vs. Superman: Grab your bestie and reenact this duel of epic proportions on Halloween night. Brownie points if you can tell us who wins!

2. Batman: If you’re going to dress up as Gotham’s protector, this costume is the way to go. We are loving that mask!

3. Wonder Woman: Someone’s gotta rep DC Comics’ resident female superstar! Gotta love a one-and-done bodysuit as a costume.

4. DIY Harley Quinn: So maybe Harley Quinn isn’t exactly a superhero, but she comes close enough. This Suicide Squad costume will be huge this Halloween, so join in on the fun and DIY one of your own.

5. Sylvanas: We don’t know much about this World of Warcraft vixen, but her costume is dope. We totally see why she is the dreamgirl of more than a few gamers out there!

6. Disney Princesses: We couldn’t leave this obvious group female halloween costumes idea out of the mix. Whether you go sexy or sweet, it’s always a good fallback.

7. Zelda: Grab your ocarina, kids! Whether you dress up as princess Zelda or Link, you’ll look like you stepped right out of Nintendo.

8. Hipster Disney Princesses. Grab your tightest jeans and biggest glasses and work on your snarkiest hipster drawl to perfect this smart and silly costume. We think one of them should wear a beanie!

9. Powerpuff Girls: Here’s another red, green and blue trio from your childhood to inspire your friends to throw it back this Halloween. Why not pay tribute to the original all-girl crime-fighting superhero trio?

10. Ghostbusters: This is totally the year to rock a Ghostbusters costume! All-female cast? Represent!

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