Curly Braided Top Knot Hairstyle Tutorial

Need an easy everyday curly hairstyle? Try this curly braided top knot hairstyle tutorial.


  • Hair bungee
  • Bobby pins


1. Make a deep side part and take a section by your part to start your braid. Split this section into three equal parts.
2. Begin your French braid, only adding in hair from the hairline. Cross the left over the middle, then the right over the left. On the next section, add in hair from your hairline. Don’t add in hair from the back.
3. Continue braiding along your hairline. As you reach your temple, stop adding in hair and finish in a regular braid (plait).
4. Gather your braid and the rest of your hair together in a high ponytail. Use a hair bungee to secure your ponytail in place.
5. Twist your ponytail into a bun and pin in place with bobby pins. If you have fine hair, try this curly top knot tutorial. If you have long hair, try my variations below.


  • When braiding curly hair, work with your curls and let them dictate the size of your braid. I usually take larger sections when braiding curly hair. Also take in whole curls, rather than trying to break them up. This minimises the frizz.
  • Use a hair bungee. You can use a regular hair elastic on your ponytail but I find a hair bungee is so much easier when you have curly hair. It allows you to get a tight hold on your ponytail without ripping or pulling at your hair.
  • You can find hair bungees at Adore Beauty or Folica.


  • If you have a fringe / bangs, you can leave them out or include them in the braid. If you’re growing out your fringe, this braid is perfect for keeping those short layers back off your face.
  • If you have long curly hair, why not add more detail to your bun? Try braiding your ponytail into a rope twist braid or a regular braid before creating the bun.
  • Not confident with braiding? Just twist your hair back instead of braiding it.

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