Baby boomer: new trend for this summer

The baby boomer is a manicure and pedicure trend that focuses on the natural effect, it gives the nails a full of vitality and healthy effect. In general, it is a question of mixing different shades of pink and white in order to obtain a natural gradient effect.

The base of the nail, near the cuticles, is usually nude or a light pink color and the tip is white. One could almost think that this is the definition of French manicure, but in this case, between the nude color and the white, we observe a color fade or a gradient. This is a more natural effect than the french.

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Why fall for the baby boomer?

The main advantage of the baby boomer is that it can perfectly adapt to all finger morphologies, as well as all skin tones. All you have to do is find the colors that really make you stand out. The baby boomer is suitable for both manicures and pedicures, it can adapt to all styles for all occasions. You can choose nude or flashy colors depending on your taste.

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