What are the 2022 manicure trends?

The beauty of the nails takes more and more place in the world of beauty. And, who says new year, says new trends! So what will be the 2022 manicure trends to adopt all the way? In this article, we will talk about the new trends of this year. So, take your manicure kit to follow us!

1 nude colors

In 2022, the watchword for one of the trendy colors to adopt is nude! Pale pink, beige, taupe… All its shades will give you an elegant manicure.

2 burgundy

The other color that will be very trendy is burgundy. This sober and “all-purpose” color is a safe bet in terms of manicure.

3 nail art

Nail art is a make-up technique on the nails that appeared several years ago. The decorations on the nail art can be drawings or details such as sequins for example.

4 Mismatched manicure

You can mix up your manicure with shades of color on each nail, or wear totally different colors that blend well together. Mismatching your nails brings a touch of originality and cheerfulness to your manicure.

5 We dare shine!

For this year 2022, we want shine! Whether with a glitter varnish or a shiny gel finish, everything is allowed to follow this new trend.

Ok! Please start your nail journey at once! If you don’t have any manicure supplies, check out our Maryton website, where there are all kinds of nail products.

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