Nail prosthesis kit: semi-permanent varnish or gel nails?

Gel nails and semi-permanent are two popular manicure techniques. Although they are similar on certain points, they have their own characteristics. As a nail technician, it is essential to know and master these two techniques. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will explain to you the difference between semi-permanent varnish and gel nails.

Gel nails: types of false nails, they consist of the application of a gel on the previously polished nail, or on capsules fixed on the free edge. The gel is modeled by the beautician, then a color gel is applied before applying a finishing gel to harden (“catalyze”) under the UV lamp. The gel nail is ultimately a sort of protective layer on which to apply the varnish.

Semi-permanent varnish: it is similar to a classic varnish. Once the nail is prepared, filed, polished and mattified, we apply a primer, before applying a semi base, 2 coats of semi color and a semi finish (or top coat). The nails then pass under the UV lamp. Four coats are therefore necessary to create a semi-permanent varnish.

In both cases, the nails are colored for a significantly longer duration than a classic nail polish, with better staying power as well. Also, the preparation of the nails is similar for both techniques, requiring the use of a professional manicure kit to prepare the nails.

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