Yellowed Nails: Causes and Remedies

Sometimes it happens that we remove the nail polish and look at our natural nails, we realize that the surface and the edge have yellowed, becoming decidedly not very pretty to look at. But why do nails turn yellow? What are the causes? Is it possible to remedy? Here is a short guide with some useful tips and advice to deal with this problem in the best way!

Yellowed nails: the main causes

There are several causes for the nail surface turn yellow: First of all, the habit of smoking. As we all know, the teeth and fingertips and even the nail margin can take on a yellowish color, especially on the hand which you hold the cigarette. In this case, the solution is simple, and I think it can be difficult to stop this bad practice. But it will gain your whole body, not just the beauty of your hands!

The other main cause of yellowing of the nails is the use of highly colored nail polishes without a protective base. In fact, the color can stain the surface and leave that yellow color that we all hate.

Finally, nails can turn yellow due to the use of detergents, solvents and other chemicals also present in the common detergents we use every day to clean the house or at work. In this case, it is sufficient to use good gloves even for small household chores and avoid using products for removing the enamel.

Products and remedies for yellowed nails

If the damage has been done and for any reason your nails are yellowish  far from a healthy pink, there are some natural products and remedies that can restore them to their natural color.

First of all, the homemade scrub with bicarbonate and lemon or use the nails supply. On the other hand, if you prefer a protective base that has a whitening effect, you can buy one by choosing from those currently on the market. These products contain a percentage of violet that creates an immediately whitening optical effect, as it “absorbs” the yellowish particles.

Do you have the problem of yellowing nails? Do you know of any causes or remedies not listed here? Hoping to have been helpful. As always, I wish see you in the next article!

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