What is magnetic varnish, how to apply it?

With magnetic nail polish, nail art has never been easier!

New on the market, magnetic varnish is a major innovation in manicure. In fact, unlike conventional manicure products, magnetic varnish has particles which are attracted by the magnets – sold with the product – in order to form patterns on the nail. Easy to use, it is very popular with beginners in nail art. Several brands have already launched their magnetic varnishes. Only the color palette is still limited.

We recommend that you use the manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of varnish.

To properly apply the magnetic varnish, it is advisable to deposit a fairly thick layer of product on the nail – unlike conventional varnish – and without waiting for it to dry, bring the magnet closer to the nail. After just a few seconds, patterns are formed. A top coat for a shiny and durable finish can be applied as the last step, once the magnetic varnish is perfectly dry.

Note, the magnetic varnish has the same duration of use as a conventional varnish.

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