How to earn money as a nail technician?

To remain competitive, it is essential to remain the best in the face of ever increasing competition.
It is therefore necessary to be able to stand out both in terms of the diversity of the services offered and in terms of pricing that is sufficiently clear and concise.
Today’s institutes make every effort to best meet the demands of each client while respecting their wishes and expectations.

How can I retain my customers?
Beyond the simple service, it is above all about individual support for the client.
You have to be professional in dealing with them.
Determine beforehand, what are his desires and expectations in terms of shape, length and color. Through this action, you establish a relationship of trust necessary for the smooth running of your exchange.
It is necessary to agree from the outset on the technique used (UV gels or resin) which will be most suitable for your client.
On the other hand, it is also important to inform the customer about the advantages and disadvantages of each installation system as well as to clarify the origin of your products. Thus, your customers will feel reassured and you will thus demonstrate your seriousness and your professionalism.
Secondly, it will be necessary to ask your client if she has known allergies to cosmetic products, in which case, it is strongly not recommended to apply UV gel or resin. UV gels as well as resin remain chemicals and although tolerated by the majority of customers, zero risk does not exist.

Offer a detailed and diversified service
Nowadays, services such as: complete installation, filling or Nailart are no longer sufficient to satisfy customers. Indeed, in recent years new products and new techniques have appeared on the market through the Internet, which has allowed a wider dissemination of the various existing possibilities in the field.
If you do not align with these new services, you risk seeing your clientele decrease, they will turn to other nail technicians. Advising and guiding your customers according to their needs is just as essential. Likewise, establishing a clear and unambiguous tariff list will maintain a climate of confidence. The practice of a classic manicure (without UV gel or resin) is constantly increasing.
Short nails are the current trend, and it has been observed that the client favors a natural look rather than a pose that is far too elaborate.
For those people reluctant to UV gel and resin, offering a simple manicure with nail polish would not only be an excellent solution for them but also a significant additional income for your business. Afterwards, it is not unthinkable that your clients will change their mind and turn to natural UV gel nail enhancement.

Hygiene is a subject that should be taken very seriously by the nail stylist. Unfortunately, many ignore it and ignore the consequences that this failure can have.
The risk of infection and various illnesses (fungal infections, etc.) can be caused by a lack of hygiene which can be avoided by respecting hygiene and disinfection protocols.
It is strongly recommended to establish a disinfection plan, in which will be listed everything that you have disinfected and sterilized, specifying each time the date on which you performed it. These plans are not only essential in the event of an inspection, but also allow you to demonstrate to your customers that they are safe with you and that they are in “good hands”.
Consider wearing a mouth mask to protect yourself from dust associated with filing.
For any aesthetic act, have the reflex to systematically wear disposable gloves.
It is also preferable not to keep or reuse any single-use accessories, such as files or buffers and the same goes for files that you have used for a particular client. Please use only disposable pedicure kits or disposable manicure kits to avoid the risk of any infection or illness.
Finally, consider including the cost price of the materials used (files, buffer, etc.) in your service. To avoid waste, simply offer the file that was used to your client. This small gift will also help to build loyalty.

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