9 Wet Hairstyles That Will Make Your Morning Routine Easier

As much as I would love to spend hours on my hair every morning, I just don’t have that kind of time or energy. When I was in high school, I definitely didn’t have the time since I had to leave my house by 6:30 AM every day. While I could venture out with wet hair, my locks air dry a bit frizzy. Plus, wet hair can easily go from looking chic to sloppy.

I have good news, though! You can get a few extra minutes of sleep and shorten your morning beauty routine by styling your wet hair with these easy tutorials:

1. Get creative with these side twists and make a cute chevron pattern with some bobby pins:

2. Twist your damp locks into small buns along the nape of your neck:

Bonus: you’ll have pretty waves when you take them out later!

3. Try this chic twisted updo for a more elegant look:

4. Do a super easy braided ponytail if you have super long hair:

5. Get funky with this awesome braided fauxhawk:

6. If you’re looking for something really simple, this 2-minute braided bun should do:

7. Or use multiple braids to create a more dimensional look:

8. Try out this super cool looped twisted ponytail:

9. Twist your hair around a scarf or headband for an easygoing look that will curl your hair as it dries:

How do you style your wet hair? Tell us in the comments below!

Watch video tutorial about wet hairstyles pleas visit our Youtube.

source: gurl.com

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