Cool Ways to Wear Faux Fur

Fur is a very luxurious item that when worn properly looks fashionable and elegant on anyone. Fur or faux fur looks extravagant by its nature, but if not worn properly, your style can end up looking like a furry beast or give a vain or pompous impression. With so many options in a variety of styles, faux fur can be utterly glamorous for a day out with friends, a night on the town, or even a casual chic street wear. Keep on reading to scoop some cool ways to wear faux fur and make heads turn.
Wandering between Vancouver, Beijing, and New York, Vanessa Hong is known for her minimalists yet edgy fashion style inspired by neutrals, denim, leather, and fur. Because Vanessa has a blonde hair, she doesn’t want too much craziness going on so sticking to neutral palettes like black, white, gray, and brown are her color preferences. Her blog The Haute Pursuit serves her virtual diary showcasing her fashion thoughts, street looks, travel, and everything in between.

Wearing fur accessories with your casual or dressy outfit makes a fashion statement. Like Vanessa, you may opt for a fur headband or a fur scarf to complement your looks. Scarves can be the best finishing touch to an ensemble in any season and a faux fur infinity scarf is a classic and elegant piece that can vamp up your looks in an instant. You may also opt for a detachable faux fur collar that is versatile with any outfit such as a cardigan to add some elegance, leather women jackets to add some texture, or even with a dress to add some glam.

If you are not up for wearing faux fur on your body, shoes with fur details or a faux fur clutch is a great alternative. Like Vanessa, you may wear a fur sling bag with your casual street wear topped with a coat or a pair of heels with fur details with your edgy outfit. Try this trend for a movie night or for a holiday party to glam up your looks in an instant.

If you’re more of an avant-garde style, you may wear some ensembles with fur details in a glamorous style. Like Vanessa, you may creatively wear a crop top and pencil skirt decorated with fur and such. Just keep your style balanced by opting for muted accessories as fur ensembles themselves make a statement.

A fur sweater can be a stylish alternative to an oversized sweater. Just bear in mind that a fur sweater is somewhat bulky that can make you look heavier than actually you are. For a safe bet, opt for darker shades like black, navy, and deep red instead of lighter shades like white, beige and cream.

When wearing a fur jacket, keep in mind that it makes a huge statement by itself so it’s not the proper occasion to wear everything else that is as extravagant as well, but being less extravagant is the way to go. Do not to wear other items that are too grandiose or overpowering like metallics, sequins, and neon colored garment. Like Vanessa, you may wear women jackets and coats with classic ensembles like a suit and pants outfit with sneakers to dress down the glamorous feel.

To bring some edgy punch to your style, wear leather trousers with faux fur coats for women. Since a fur coat or jacket makes a statement itself, opt for a genuine or faux leather trousers rather than a patent one. Patent leather trousers have a glossy finish that can only clash with the statement of your fur coats and the result would be overpowering.

Colorful faux fur can be a fun way to add some color to your style. Like Vanessa, you may go for a mustard color, orange, and even a forest green to lighten up your looks. You may also nail the jewel tones trend by wearing shades of emerald green, cobalt blue, amethyst purple, and ruby red that give some serious outfit appeal. Pastel shades like pink or yellow can also be a good alternative rather than the usual brown or black.
As what Vanessa proved us, fur or faux fur ensembles don’t have to look glamorous at all times but a casual and even a sporty-chic look will still fit in with the equation. Be confident on your casual street style and dress it up with fur ensembles.


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