Doing your nails for your wedding: missteps to avoid

For a flawless bridal manicure, fashion faux pas are strictly prohibited! Today, Maryton nail supply will tell you everything. From gel nails for your wedding to semi-permanent varnish, without forgetting hand care, nothing will escape you.

Misstep 1: Wedding nails that are too flashy

The bridal manicure is there to enhance the entire outfit, not to attract attention. While it is important for wedding nails to be pimped, they should not overshadow the queen of the day! Subtle and delicate shades are in the spotlight on this special occasion. Nude colors will also have the advantage of making fingers appear longer.

On the other hand, white is strongly discouraged when we talk about color for wedding nails! At photo time, when your hands are on your dress, there will only be two possibilities. Either your dress will look yellowish if the two whites are not the same, or you will appear to have no nails if they blend together perfectly.

Misstep 2: Too eccentric a bridal manicure

The perilous exercise of nail art should also be avoided. Unless you are wearing a very sober outfit, an eccentric bridal manicure would quickly overshadow your outfit, your hairstyle and even your wedding ring! On the other hand, you can totally dare to go for a light version for wedding nails, with silver glitter on cool colors, or gold on warm colors. But sparingly! The idea is always to enhance, not overload.

Misstep 3: XXL wedding fake nails

Honestly, even outside of marriage, XXL false capsule nails are not in good taste. On nails this long, the white stripe is generally oversized, and the end result vulgar. Even if it means wearing false nails if yours do not allow a pretty application of semi-permanent varnish, prefer gel nails for your wedding, mid-length and filed almond-shaped. Replace the French with a soft baby boomer, and you will have a perfect result!

Misstep 4: A neglected bridal manicure

The last pitfall to avoid when doing your wedding nails is timing! So you may have considered scheduling a hand treatment and your bridal manicure before the rush? Fail! The ideal time to do your wedding nails is the day before or the day before, but not earlier. And always with semi-permanent varnish, to guarantee optimal hold until the big day!

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure kits to care for your nails.

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