Adopt good reflexes to keep your nail polish last

For your manicure to last as long as possible, you will have understood that it is important to combine the quality of the manicure supplies with optimal preparation and application routines. But you must also be aware that certain daily habits can alter your perfect nails.

Keep calm for a while

Give your manicure some time before getting into any risky activities. Avoid searching for your keys at the bottom of your bag just after applying and give your varnishes time to dry and adhere, particularly if you use a classic varnish.

Avoid harsh chemicals and semi-permanents on your nails

A fragile or damaged nail is a nail on which the varnish will not last very long. Repeated semi-permanent applications can permanently damage your nail plates. Their removal requires the use of acetone, which destroys the layer of fat that protects them.

Contact or prolonged exposure to solvents, cleaning products or alcohols can also degrade your polish, which not only reduces its lifespan, but also affects the overall appearance and shine of your manicure. Use gloves when you can, not only to promote the resistance of your polish, but also to preserve the health of your hands.

Avoid hot water

It is important, especially after a new manicure, to avoid washing your hands for about two hours, as water can soften or move the polish slightly, affecting drying time and staying power. Be careful of situations where your hands and nails will be exposed to hot water for long periods of time, such as when washing dishes or taking a long bath.

Don’t use your nails as tools

Try to avoid bad habits when it comes to using your nails for things they aren’t made for! Use scissors instead of opening packages, wear gloves when gardening.

A healthy body for healthy nails!

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet to limit deficiencies. Preserving the health of our nails also means guaranteeing better staying power for our varnishes.

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