The different nail shapes in 2023

When it comes to your hands, a manicurist isn’t just about finding the perfect polish. Our topic of the day: how to find the best nail shape for your fingers. From square to rounded, the nail supply expert Maryton will help you choose the right shape for your nails.

Rounded nail shape

Ideal for: Anyone who finds their fingers to be short and thick. This shape will elongate your fingers, making them appear thinner.

Oval nail shape

Ideal for: Anyone with wide nail beds and long nails. This catwalk favorite will elongate nails in both width and length. It looks like an almond shape but a bit sharper.

Almond nail shape

Ideal for: Lengthening and refining the fingers as well as for those who have round cuticles. Slender at the sides and slim at the bottom.

Square nail shape

Ideal for: Those who don’t want to maintain their manicure too much. If you have long and narrow nails and you like rather short nails, this shape will be ideal for you.

Stiletto nail shape

Ideal for: Anyone with short fingers and a rather long nail base. It is a form that must be worn very long and ends in a point.

Ballerina nail shape

Ideal for: Fans of nail extensions because this shape requires maintenance in the salon. Long, thin and square at the end of the nail, it is suitable for long, thin fingers and square cuticles.

OK! I believe you already have know the different nail shapes in 2023. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete professional manicure kit to care for your nails!

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