Ridged nails: causes and solutions

Ridged nails are among the most common nail problems, but rest assured: their causes have been identified and it is possible to mitigate them. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

The main causes

  • Normal natural aging of the nails: the ridges on the nails are sometimes called “nail wrinkles”. It can be more pronounced with age, and intensify for women after menopause;
  • To daily habits: the use of certain varnishes, excessive manicure, or even small successive shocks can weaken the nail. Using detergents or having your hands immersed in water for a long time can cause streaks to appear;
  • A Diet: Deficiencies in vitamins or essential nutrients for your nails can cause streaks, including zinc deficiency, high anemia in iron, folic acid or protein.
  • In rare cases, diseases: in particular hypothyroidism, skin problems, arthritis or infections.
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The care and treatment to be carried out

Having a balanced and varied diet is essential. Foods rich in iron are preferred, but also in zinc, magnesium, protein and vitamin D. These nutrients help prevent anemia and take care of your nails.

It is also essential that the manicure professional takes care of his equipment. Indeed, poor quality accessories risk damaging, a little more, ridged and weakened nails. It is therefore advisable to favor professional manicure sets, as well as glass or grain files to avoid splitting the nails.

It is advisable to avoid prolonged contact with water, but also with household products and excessive sources of heat. The use of gloves is also recommended, especially if there is frequent contact with dangerous products.

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