HR-Approved Halloween Costumes to Wear to Work

Dressing up for work on Halloween is fun, but the fact that Halloween costumes for adults can often be a little too scandalous or casual for most office environments can make it more tricky than fun. (I.e. Harley Quinn probably won’t fly for this particular occasion.) Which is why a little extra creativity is needed when planning a costume that won’t make HR or your co-workers uncomfortable. To help you out, we sought out 5 costume ideas that are fun, topical, and easy to put together. (But if you’re still seeking a Halloween costume idea for after-hours, we’ve already covered under-$30 costumes, cat costumes, high-fashion costumes, and even costumes you can wearing with leggings or a choker—or just re-wear the costume you’ve planned for the office. We won’t tell.) And just a reminder: An HR-approved Halloween costume is especially relevant this year, given that the holiday falls on a Monday.

Keep scrolling to shop the pieces you’ll need for a perfect office-appropriate Halloween costume!


What you’ll need:

  • Headband: Nasty Gal Claremont Velvet Bow Headband ($18)
  • Fancy fit-and-flare dress: Forever 21 Contrast Crochet Overlay Dress ($35)
  • Structured handbag
  • Tights
  • Colorful heels
  • Upscale department store shopping bags


What you’ll need:

  • Pink dress: Drifter Lupine Mini Dress ($215)
  • Pink shoes: ASOS Star Pointed Heels ($62)
  • A sign around your neck that says Tumblr
  • Any other pink accessories of your choosing


What you’ll need:

  • Printed midi dress: VILANYAS Midi Dresses Online ($100)
  • Statement necklace: J.Crew Colorful Crystal Necklace ($25)
  • Bob wig: Barbara Ann Bob Wig ($24)
  • Strappy high-heel sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Copy of Vogue magazine


What you’ll need:

  • Cat T-shirt: I “Heart” Cats Womens Tshirts ($19)
  • Cat stuffed animal(s): Aurora Bella Flopsie Stuffed Cat ($10)
  • Pencil skirt, trousers, or jeans (depending on your office’s dress code)
  • Bag of cat treats


What you’ll need:

  • White coat: H&M Double-Breasted Coat ($129)
  • White pants: Calvin Klein Classic-Fit Trousers ($60)
  • Structured handbag
  • DIY White House visitor pass

What are you wearing to work on Monday, October 31?

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