7 T-Shirt Halloween Costumes for Lazy Girls Who Just Can’t Even

Whether you’re too busy planning a Halloween party or too lazy to dress up, there’s always a need for t-shirt costumes. They’re simple, straightforward and *SO* comfy, it’s really unfair to everyone else. With so many t-shirt costumes to choose from, you’ve really won the lottery for a last-minute creative halloween costumes. Take your pick from instant superheroes to pop culture icons and classic Halloween monsters. Scroll on for more t-shirt costume ideas that’ll guarantee a stress-free Halloween. Because we know that you just can’t even deal with anything else right now.

1. Urban Outfitters Project Social T Pumpkin Tee ($29): Slip on this tee and instantly transform into a cute jack-o’-lantern. Throw on some black accessories for that classic Halloween color combo and you’ll be ready to take on fright night.

2. ASOS HALLOWEEN T-Shirt With Slime Print ($26): There’s nothing like some oozy green slime to get you in a spooktacular mood. The best part of this costume is it’s open to interpretation. (i.e. Ghostbusters‘ Slimer or a toxic spill are a couple of ideas.)

3. Modcloth Meow-Sourcing T-Shirt ($35): Show off your love for cats with this top that says it all. It’s okay; your friends will accept you — crazy cat obsession and all.

4. DC Comics Wonder Woman She Can Do It Girls T-Shirt Plus-Size ($29): This Wonder Woman-meets-Rosie-the-Riveter shirt is all kinds of awesome. Rep girl power the best way you know how with this t-shirt that has a surprisingly empowering message.

5. Urban Outfitters Future State Painted Rib Cage Muscle Tee ($24): Bare all in this skeleton print muscle tee. Take this costume to the next level by donning some crazy skull-inspired makeup.

6. Boohoo Roxy Halloween Cute But Psycho T-Shirt Dress ($20): Future BFs and GFs better watch out. Slip on this comfy t-shirt dress for an effortless costume on Halloween that doubles as everyday wear, given you’ve accepted your psycho tendencies 😉

7. Modcloth Only Have Guise for You Ladies T Shirts ($35): True, this t-shirt costume is more cute than spooky, but either way, it’s one you’ll want to wear this Halloween. For a more festive look, accessorize with black and orange jewelry or bottoms.

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