Top 10 Cute Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Let’s face it: Going out with a nice hairstyle can really boost our confidence and make our day! There is really something special in leaving our home with hair so shiny and good looking. For some, that means leaving our hair as it is, long, short or whatever the size, and for some, it means having some unique hairstyle. In this article the ideas are all about those braids: French, Dutch, Waterfall – you name it. For more detailed instructions on how to do them, check out the links provided. But, you should know that if this is something new to you, it will take you time to make a beautiful braid. Don’t give up, just keep braiding and enjoy the hairstyle you did by yourself.

1. Boho Side Braid

This hairstyle will be awesome for summer days when it’s so hot and all you want to do is to have your hair somewhere aside, so that it won’t hold the heat. Plus, a little boho style is always so chic! You need hair tie, hairspray, dry shampoo and a teasing comb. If you want your braid to have more volume, than use the teasing comb before you start doing the braid; if your hair is just washed and too soft for a hairstyle you might need to use

2. Half Up Fishtail

The half up fishtail hairstyle is definitely one of the cutest and romantic hairstyles a girl can have. It isn’t the easiest one to make, since it requires skills on knowing how to actually make a fishtail braid, but with carefully following the instructions given in the video tutorial, you will surely make it. The basic hair tool for the half up fishtail braid are the bobby pins, but if your hair has more volume, than it might be a good idea to use hair ties as well.

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3. Milkmaid Braid

The milkmaid braid is such a classic braided hairstyle! It’s really easy and you’ll have a unique hairstyle in no time. Create two pigtails braids and loosen them a little bit. Pull one of the braids of the top of the head and secure it with bobby pins at the base, in the middle and at the end of the braid. Repeat the same with the other pigtail braid. Tuck each braid’s end under the other and secure with bobby pins again. If you want more messy hairstyle, just pull out small hair pieces and hair spray them.

4. Waterfall Braid

Unlike the most of the hairstyles on the list, this one requires some heat! Start making the Waterfall braid hairstyle by curling your hair, comb and spray them to keep their volume. Then you can start making the Waterfall braid actually! Secure each braid with elastic and use bobby beans near the temples of the braid. Just like the Milkmaid, the waterfall braid hairstyle is such a classic! Consider this as a must. Not only it’s great for going outs with friends, but you can wear it for more formal occasions as well.

5. Swedish Crown

The Swedish Crown braid is similar to the Milkmaid. The hair tools needed are wide tooth comb, styling comb, hairspray, bobby pins and a hair tie. This is more of an advanced braided hairstyle, so you might need some help with it. Also, it’s a very good choice for formal occasions. It’s a simple looking, elegant hairstyle and that proves why some women even wear this braid at their wedding day!

6. French Braided Side Chignon

The French braided side chignon is a more elegant version of the regular chignon or French bride, especially if you put a flower in your hair! Start by making a French braid, but diagonally across your head. When you are done with braiding, secure it in a low ponytail and wrap it so it forms a chignon. The flower isn’t mandatory, but the hairstyle will look more elegant if you add an accessory!

7. Dutch Braid Bun

Here’s another classic hairstyles for you to try. Separate your hair on the top in three sections and when braiding, cross strands under the middle piece, instead over it. After crossing under twice, take a section of hair from the side and add into one of the strands and cross under. Repeat these steps on the next while always crossing under the middle strand. Braid until you reach the bottom and then twist into a bun.

8. Messy Rope Braid

The rope braids look so elegant this way. You have two choices and tutorials as well on two rope braid ideas. One of them is to combine them with a bun or to simply leave the hair down. Both ways it’s really nice! For the first option, instead of a bun, you can also make two or three small buns or make a ponytail with few tiny braids that will give the impression as the rope braids are going through. If you decide for the second option, then it’s a good idea to use bobby pins and secure the braids or to use a barrette.

9. Fishtail Braid Ponytail

The fishtail braid is definitely one of the most beautiful hairstyles a girl can have. It looks so simple, but yet so elegant and chic. In this case, we have the braid combined with a ponytail. If you are following the instructions, then you’ll make an elegant ponytail as well, but if it’s complicated or you don’t have the time, you can always go after the regular ponytail. When done with it, make a fishtail braid out of the ponytail and loosen it up a little bit if you want a more messy look.

10. French Up High Bun

Bun lovers, here’s one for you. Add something you to the already well known look. Needed hair tools for this hairstyles are brush, rat – tail comb, spray bottle, hair band, hairspray and an accessory if you prefer, which in this case is the bow. It will take you approximately 5 minutes to do the bun, but if you have medium leveled skills when it comes to making hairstyles. If not, don’t worry! Just follow carefully the instructions and you’ll do it. Practice makes it perfect!


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