Nail art: 3 pro tips for successful nails

Nail art allows you to sublimate your nails, while adopting a unique beauty of hands. But, you will need to bring the professional manicure set, but also a good dose of patience. In addition, good nail preparation and regular training will help you achieve optimal results!

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Tip 1: prepare your nails before a nail art session

The nail art is never done on a bare nail: you must provide a solid base, which can take the form of false nails in gel or semi-permanent varnish. It is also possible to treat and prepare your nails with a Russian manicure before doing your nail art at home: this technique will facilitate the application of varnish or gel, then decorations.

Tip 2: get the right equipment for a successful nail art

Different nail art techniques require a variety of tools and accessories. From base varnish to cuticle pusher, brushes and files, you will need to have the right equipment to make your nail art a success at home.

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Tip 3: start with an accent nail before going big

Equipped with a tutorial and a complete manicure kit, you can already imagine the reactions of your friends when they see your nails magnified by complex patterns and subtle shades of color. The reality is very often quite different. Achieving flawless nail art takes a lot of practice and patience.

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