How do You Choose the Best Cuticle Pusher?

Cuticle pushers are a type of manicure tool  used to help shape cuticles and push them back from nails. It makes the nails longer, smoother and healthier.

Typically, a cuticle pusher includes a curved end for pushing and shaping the cuticle and a more pointed end for cutting the cuticle and scraping off dead skin.

A cheaper or improperly used cuticle cutter can cause cuts and damage the skin, leading to sore spots and possible infection.

The best cuticle pushers have a small cutting end designed to remove only the cuticle without damaging the nail or any part of the hand.

Before caring for her cuticles, the user should apply cuticle lotion or oil to soften the cuticles. The cuticle pusher can then push back skin more easily and cut away dead skin without leaving the ragged edges of the damaged cuticle.

The more expensive lifters are made of stronger materials such as stainless steel which will last much longer than wood or plastic lifters. Some pushers are also designed specifically to treat sensitive skin and won’t hurt when the user pushes back their cuticles.

The more expensive pushers are meant to provide the best cuticle care and last the longest.

A user needs to determine how often she gives herself a manicure and if the more expensive lifter is worth it, or if a simple basic lifter will do.

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