10 Affordable Halloween Costumes for 2016 That Are Wearable On a Daily Basis

Is there anything better than a cool Halloween costumes? To me, if there’s one thing that is actually even cooler, that’s finding Halloween costumes that are also pretty wearable on a daily basis, such as those of the Addams family (dressing up as Wednesday Addams is always a good idea). And what if they are affordable, too? Today we found 10 super-cool, affordable and versatile Halloween 2016 costumes to wear all year long, especially during these upcoming colder months. May the spookiest option be always with you!

#1. Cuddle Me, For I Am a Cat!

Whenever it comes to Halloween, somehow cat costumes are always the most popular, with cat ear headbands being the ones that fly off the shelves the soonest. If your Halloween party is at home, or you really don’t fancy headbands, why not opt for a super cozy cat hoodie? This one, available from VILANYAS, is made of soft sherpa fleece and even reinforces the concept by stating ‘I am a cat’ on the front!

#2. Halloween Meets the Nineties

We all know Nineties-inspired motifs are going to play a huge role in fashion in the seasons to come. Lace-up shirts, in particular, are going to be all the rage, so why not sport a Halloween-inspired one this time around? This one, retailing at MissGuided, will specifically end up being perfect at any metal/hard rock festival during springtime, or just look glamorously rock at any night out with friends.

#3. Hocus Pocus, the Witches Are Back!

Following the witchy motif of the previous Halloween costume, this cozy t-shirt not only is affordable and edgy, but will also somehow look utterly cute if paired with a balloon skirt or a pair of high-waist black culottes. A dark lipstick is mandatory, tough! Buy this from ASOS!

#4. The Great Pumpkin Is Coming

Probably not suitable for springtime, or for wintertime, this edgy off-the-shoulder sweatshirt from SheIn will become your must-have staple all the cold season long, and we highly recommend wearing it on the first day of the fall season as the best way to celebrate it!

#5. Spooky Cat Ladies

If the cat lady-approved hoodie wasn’t enough for you, this ironic spooky cat boxy black t-shirt from ASOS will surely become the ultimate womens halloween costume for 2016 that you can also wear whenever you are watching a scary horror movie with friends, or on each Friday 13th.

#6. Halloween Is Not Dead!

Halloween costumes often draw their best inspirations from the punk rock scene. This t-shirt available at ASOS just celebrates such an unconventional union, and will also become one of your most glamorously rock, stylish essentials to show off at any rock disco club.

#7. Being Beautiful From the Inside Out

Comfy, slim leg, and with cute skeleton designs, these cropped inside-out knox pants will look just perfect with either an inside out t-shirt, or a plain black bodice with an elegant bateau neck. The previous punk skeleton t-shirt will look perfectly fine too! The costume is available for purchase at Wildfox.

#8. The Angel of the Death Likes Rhinestones

Here we are with the spookiest tee of all! We bet it will likely appeal especially to those who love listening to metal music, and are really fond of gothic aesthetics. If you have a biker-inspired leather jacket or skinny leather trousers, it is time to use them and pair them with this t-shirt that you can get from SheIn!

#9. Skulls Can Be Cute Too

Soft and delicate, this boyfriend cut t-shirt from River Island combines bon-ton floral designs with a melancholic skull print, and is just the best ‘simple’ statement piece to wear both at any Halloween party and on a daily basis. Being so simple, it is possible to style it with basically anything, from longuette pencil skirts to bell-bottom jeans.

#10. #Squad Ghouls

Twinning, a.k.a. matching your outfit with your BFF, was one of the hottest styles of 2016. So why not celebrate it this Halloween costume? If you are planning to go on a spooky night out with your squad, opting for a power squad ghouls-approved t-shirt might be the ultimate winning option to show off any time you go out together as well! You can get this affordable and wearable Halloween t-shirt from Boohoo!

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