PaMu Slide Mini: TWS Earbuds from Padmate

Moldac specialty brand Padmate, the PaMu Slide Mini, a completely wireless earphone featuring the latest Qualcomm chips and enjoying powerful sound, has appeared. This product is an earphone procured from the US crowdfunding Indiegogo with the highest amount in 2019 of “about $5.93 million, first in the earphone category.

PaMu Slide Mini Review: TWS Earbuds from Padmate

Equipped with the latest Qualcomm chip, reproduces the finest sound quality. An ergonomic design that is hard to fall off from your ears and an excellent fit.

In addition, the waterproof performance of IPX6 rating, which is resistant to sweat and rain, enables a total of about 30 hours of playback with a charging case.Equipped with a USB-C connector, it can be used for more than 1 hour with only 10 minutes of charging.

Padmate has an impressive product portfolio, including a completely new model of PaMu Slide Mini, PaMu Slide, PaMu Scroll, Tempo T5, PaMu X13, PaMu X12 and so on. Visit and get the full list of the PaMu products at Moldac now.

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