Detailed Review of Pamu Slide Mini

Pamu Slide Mini is the latest headset at the present time, is a streamlining and slight upgrade of the charging box from Pamu Slide (Plus) .

Pamu Slide (Plus) is too famous for its fundraising projects on Indiegogo. Indiegogo is where startups raise money, and Padmate has been very successful on that site. Pamu Slide Mini Bluetooth Headset is a variant of Pamu Slide (Plus) with a smaller size, cheaper price, but retains the headphone configuration. So what does Pamu Slide Mini have more outstanding than the other Pamu Slide, let’s go into details, let’s go!


The design of the Pamu Slide Mini’s blueooth headset charger has completely changed.

  • Much smaller than previous versions, this is something I really like because it is so compact that it can be easier to pocket, more convenient for traveling.
  • No mechanism to slide into the slide as usual and Plus Slide anymore but instead is open clamshell like the majority of other bluetooth headset line.
  • There are 4 lights on the bottom of the battery and there are no buttons to display these 4 lights, only when you put on the headset to see, or when charging, you will see
  • The back only has type C port, this is my favorite point in Pamu Slide.

Sound quality

Perhaps this is the part that interests you the most – of course because it’s a wireless Bluetooth headset. Let’s test the sound quality with different sound genres and music genres.

Padmate slide mini headphones use Qualcom QCC3020 chip to bring higher quality codec technology for apt-X support, combined with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to give you extremely good sound quality at a price.

At the same time, the wireless signal transmission is more efficient and stable, especially the latency is greatly reduced .

Battery life

  • The battery life of the Pamu Slide Mini has a capacity of 85mAh, which is a large battery capacity for true wireless bluetooth headsets.
  • And in fact, in the morning I tested with 100% battery, hearing for about 3 hours, my ear hurts not wearing anymore, in the afternoon, I wore it for about 2 hours and at night, the battery capacity was about 40%.
  • In general, the battery you can hear comfortably in 1 working day, and the 400mAh battery capacity of the charging box can fully charge you 2 more times for 2 headsets when you hear almost out of battery.
  • Battery capacity depends on the volume level you hear, I advise you not to listen to the volume level is too loud, specifically over 70% because it will affect your hearing.
  • Standby time of the charging box depends on the frequency and duration of your use, the more capacity the box will charge, and the standby time decreases.
  • I use about 5 hours a day listening to music, then it takes 4-5 days to recharge the charging box once.
  • The battery capacity of each ear is 85mAh, can be used for up to 10 hours, in fact, listen for about 8-9 hours at a volume of 40-50%, and combined with the 400mAh charging box, then if you listen one day about 2-3 hours, it can withstand half a month after a full charge of the box and headset. Amazing!

Where to buy?

You can go to to try and buy the Pamu Slide Plus or Pamu Slide Mini online at Moldac.

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