Hearing Amplifier, a Intelligent Hearing Device for Hearing Loss

As we get older, everyone loses hearing, even when we are young. Indeed, as we get older, we don’t hear treble in our ears. This makes it more difficult to understand sounds, especially the sound of women or children.

The sound amplifier is a hearing aid amplifiers that will allow you to restore better hearing. If we don’t realize this, we will lose one decibel every year.

Treble is the key to speech intelligibility. A hearing amplifier allows you to process sounds, amplify a gentle voice and prevent loud noises. Thus, the amplifier not only makes speech clearer but also compensates for differences in volume.

Simply because it will protect your ears, and in addition to allowing you to hear better also. How? By cutting all sounds above 100 decibels such as a door slamming. No need to break your ears any more. The goal is helping you no to lose more hearing.

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